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Pantry Buddy

An app which allows the user to select ingredients they have on hand and returns a list of recipes they can currently make.

I made this app because of all the people who are budgeting their meals, like myself. I can't count the number of times I've not been able to think of something dinner, but I've had plenty of random things in the kitchen. This App should help fix that problem!


Indie Corner

A simple forum for everything Indie Gaming related!

I love indie games. I think it is the place where the greatest amount of innovation occurs in the game community Because they aren't throwing millions of dollars behind a 'maybe,' but are creating products they love. For this reason it makes it so much harder for them to get the publicity they deserve. Hopefully this type of project could help shore up that gap.


Represent me

An app which enables the PEOPLE to find and communicate with all their elected officials!

During each election cycle, a recurring issue that I have run into has been: who IS this candidate? I am not a proponent of voting party lines, so how do I educate myself on the candidates when I can't find any information about them? The purpose of this app is to help reduce this issue.



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